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Quality rayon clothing. Handmade printing. Handmade sewing. Lasts for longer than average.

Welcome to Juwita Moon Bali – Resort Wear clothing designers, manufacturers & wholesalers in Bali. Factory Direct quality women resort wear rayon clothing manufacturers to fit Australian women sizes. Resort wear clothing manufacturers for Wholesalers, Retailers, and Department Stores, Hotels and Resorts that wish to sell quality women resort wear and caftan resort wear clothing sizes small to double XXL. We also manufacture plus size women resort wear for plus size 3xl to 6xl.


IMPORTANT: NEW EMAIL VIA CONTACT US PAGE: Dear valued customer please be informed that we have a new email contact since January 2017. Please go to our contact us page for our new email address. Our previous email address is no longer connected. Thank you.
Juwita Moon Bali – Resort Wear clothing designers, manufacturers and wholesalers factory direct in Bali have been in the clothing industry since 1988. With our collective and durable experience we are sure that our many skills, techniques and qualities can BE a huge benefit TO all of our resort wear clothing customers.
Ready stock – to keep it simple for our customers we do carry ready stock in new prints and new styles every month as part of our easy services for 2018.
Made to order – yes we can make your own designs and we can make your own prints with your own labeling. Minimum quantities do apply for made to order. Please email to us for more information.

Resort Wear and Beach Clothing Caftan Designer Bali
Quality rayon clothing. Handmade printing. Handmade sewing. Lasts for longer than average.

Our styles – are easy to wear and comfortable to wear.
Our fabrics – we use first quality rayon fabrics made from Indonesia rayon which is a semi natural material. All of our rayon has been washed, color fast, preshrink. Our rayon prints are designed by Juwita Moon designers and are not available anywhere else. We are quality and we are different.
Our sizing – is generous and based on Australia women sizes +. Which means our clothing is never designed small and mostly designed to be oversized. S,M,L,XL,2X, size 8 to size 18.
Plus sizes – yes we are also specialist designers for plus size women resort wear, also men resort wear for size 3x,4x,5x,6x, women and men wear. Again our plus size resort wear is comfortable and generous.

Factory Direct Resort Wear Clothing Manufacturers Bali

Our designers – are from Australia, now living in Bali since 2001. With experience in fashion design, resort wear design, women, men and children clothing design, fabric print design, pattern making, pattern grading, international sizing to suit different countries, wholesale trading, retail trading, international export and packing. Experience in fashion industry since 1988. English speaking.
Our staff – are all from Indonesia, Bali, Java, and other islands from over Indonesia. Our sales staff speak English pretty well, but our general manager from Australia is able to meet all communication and enquiries, via email or in person by appointment.
Our business purpose – is to make nice clothing, resort wear, boho style, easy to wear, with only good quality rayon fabrics with our own printing designs. We do also make plain colors in our own coloring factory. Our purpose is also to make clothing that fit all sizes from size small to plus size women. I myself am a male size 4xl and my mother is a women size 2x/3x, ( she says only a 2x,ok mum ), so we understand the needs for bigger sizes too. Our purpose in pricing is to make affordable clothing for all sizes. Quality is not cheap but we are value for money, quality and experiences. We enjoy our work and are respectful to our staff and to our customers and we appreciate mutual respect in return. We don’t work just for money but we work as an enjoyable part of our day and our life. We are professional and work with professional people. Yang Penting Happy.

Quality rayon clothing. Handmade printing. Handmade sewing. Lasts for longer than average.

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Quality rayon clothing. Handmade printing. Handmade sewing. Lasts for longer than average.

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Please feel free to email us from our contact us page, or come see us in Bali. We look forward to work with you and are happy to answer any questions you may need to know about resort wear clothing manufacturing here in Bali, Indonesia. We are the clothing factory direct. Thank you. Be Happy.